The Trigger

3 Aug
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The Usual Suspects

Each person has his own trigger in life, a pulse that awakens something within him. Something which could be a start of a new challenge, a new life and that something can be a passion, a hobby, a career, a rise to success. However you may see it, each one has it but not everyone achieves it. My trigger was my all time favorite film, “The Usual Suspects”, a true classic that still today renders my mind with the image that many of us sometimes desire to be in their place but not in reality.

Bryan Singer did a great job that is why today he is a talented and worldwide known filmmaker. And the cast was superb; a mix of evil meets mercy, intelligence confronting selfishness and witty mingling with frustration. A perfect start, a blasting end and last but not least an astonishing acting (Kevin Spacey delivers it home).

I encourage every film fanatic or anyone who inspires to be filmmaker to watch it, it motivated me to pursue my journey in the film industry.


Hello world!

19 Jul

Hello Reader (s),

This is my first blog attempt and so far it’s looking new and awkward but I’m sure it’ll be worth painting. My mind is rich and eager to sharing my passion with others who share the same passion or are interested at least. In case you’re still wondering what my passion is, I think my username can imply a bit. Productions and what else can it be rather than the art of “Film-Making” and scriptwriting to be more specific. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and theories in the world of Cinema.

Let the Rolling Begin…